Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photoshop Class Notes

From Kristina's class on Feb 11:

All studios are looking for solid drawing foundation and ideas. Its not just about the
pretty paint, but the idea behind it.

Finding your own voice
- looking at what you like
- incorporating aspects you like into your own, but not copying it
- honesty

A Good Painting is a Good idea
- don’t rush, think deeply
- research
- the more thought put into the beginning, the more effective
- Before you start a painting, everything must be solved in small scale!

- Cmd T: Transform
- Cmd E: Merge Layer Down
- [ ] : Brush size
- 2,4,6. Etc: opacity
- I: eyedrop
- B: brush
- E: eraser
- R: rotate
- F: change background
- L: Lasso
Layer from selection

Like an acrylic painting
- Brainstorm
- Research
- Thumbnail
- Crit
- Revise
- Crit
- Revise
- Tightened thumbnail
- start with base
- block in
- Asses light source

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